Learning the Basic Electrical Concepts


You might be wondering how electrons can continuously flow in a uniform direction through wires eve up to this moment, right? And, aside from that, you might be wondering how they can do it without the benefit of these hypothetical electrons that supports them.

In order for them to scheme and to work out the best way possible, they both would have to at least have an infinite capacity for electrons in order to sustain continuous flow as what they are supposedly do. According to research, the marble source and marble destination buckets would have to be infinitely large to contain enough marble capacity for a “flow” of marbles to be sustained.


As part of being an electrical engineering student or a curious individual who wants to learn the basic electrical concepts, here are the things you need to do as a start:


  1. As a student, you need to take good notes and keep them all after your classes are over so that you can research and re-read them all when you have time. Keep your most useful and well-written textbooks as reference. Your notes, annotations, and highlighting will be invaluable later on.


  1. Develop good relationship with your fellow classmates and even to your professors. It will help you feel comfortable approaching them and asking them help in any case you didn’t understand the lesson about electrical concepts perhaps. They will give you highlights that will later on help you understand the basic electrical concepts well.


  1. If you can do it by yourself, you should solve the problem before asking help from others.

Even your very good friends don’t want to do your homework for you if you are not really doing well when it comes to learning. Just like the basic electrical concepts, you need to understand it first and apply what you have learned before you asked any questions. When you do seek help, be prepared to discuss what you tried already.


Now if you are really ready to learn the basic electrical concepts, you need to be prepared too when that time comes. Here are the basic electrical concepts and terms that you should understand properly:


Electrical Current – it is the flow rate of electric charge in electric field and is usually being seen in electrical circuit.

Electrical Voltage – it is defined as electrical potential difference between two points of an electric field.

Electrical Resistance – it is an electrical quantity that measures how the device or material reduces the electric current flow through it.

Electric Power – it is the rate of energy consumption in an electrical circuit and is commonly used term for all households and commercial buildings all around the world.

Electric Charge – it generates electric field and it influence other electric charges with electric force.

Power Efficiency – it is defined as the ratio of the output power divided by the input power.

Power Factor – it is an equal to the real or true power P in watts (W) divided by the apparent power |S| in volt-ampere (VA).


If you have any questions, clarifications and suggestions about the basic electrical concepts, feel free to comment it below and we will include it in our next blog.

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