Important Rules When Doing Maintenance of Electrical Equipment


At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security. ~ Jodi Rell


We should always remember that a safe working environment is not always enough to control all possible electrical emergencies and hazards that might happen in the future. All of us must be very cautious and work safely all the time. Safety rules should be remembered all the time because it helps you control other risk of injury or to avoid death from the workplace hazards that might happen.


Here are the rules you need to remember all the time to keep your electrical equipment safe and secure:


#1 If possible, you should avoid contact with energized electrical circuits. You may find it kind of funny but, to think clearly, it is somewhat true. Something bad will happen if you don’t mind this one.


#2 You should always treat all your electrical devices as if they are alive or just like taking care of your most valuable things in your house. You will never know what will happen, right?


#3 When you have time disconnects the entire power source before servicing or repairing the electrical equipment to avoid short circuit or be electrocuted by the equipment. It is the only way that you can be sure of everything that you will do with your electrical equipment.


#4 Use only tools and equipment with non-conducting handles when working on electrical devices all the time. It is easy to check that way.


#5 When cleaning your electrical equipment never uses metallic pencils or rulers. Aside from that, you should never wear metal rings or metal watches when working with electrical equipment. It is unsafe to do so when you are wearing one. You should always remember that all the time because most of the people tend to forget this rule when doing so.


#6 Be sure your hands are dry and if possible, wear a non-conductive gloves or protective clothes and shoes with insulated soles when handling electrical equipment that is plugged in. It is better to be safe than regret the things you did not do.


#7 If it is safe to do so, works with only one hand, keeping the other hand at your side or in your pocket, away from all conductive material.


#8 When you are cleaning your electrical equipments in a cold area or condense room is you need to be sure to mount the equipment on a wall or vertical panel to be safe and avoid any unnecessary injuries. Or if possible, minimise cleaning your electrical equipment in a cold area.


#9 If the water or a chemical is spilled onto equipment shut off power at the main switch or circuit breaker and unplugs the equipment. It’s the very logical thing you need to do for your own safety.


#10 Disconnect the power source from the circuit breaker or pull out the plug using a leather belt if the individual already in contact with live electrical conductor. You must be very calm in order for the person not to make the situation even worse.


Electrical safety is the most important thing you need to remember all the time. Ignorance of basic electrical safety is not a reason not to abide the rules.

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